June 16, 2024


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Baby Boomers – 5 Things You Might Not Want to Do to Fall Asleep Faster

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Sometimes we are tempted to go with the solution that works the fastest even when we know it is really not the smartest thing to do. However, we live in a society of instant gratification. But what is the price we pay? Read on to find out.

Sleeping Pills are Highly Addictive – It seems like such an easy fix to a simple problem. There are so many choices that line the aisles of your favorite local drug stores. I mean, you can purchase them over the counter, after all, so how harmful can they be, right? Wrong. Doctors have been cautioning patients against the overuse of common sleeping aids for years, mainly because they can seem like an easy way out. Instead of trying to work through your problem of restlessness at night, popping two pills and calling it a night seems like a fast and painless solution.

Warm Milk Can Cause Stomach Aches – Many people are lactose intolerant these days. And even for those that are not, drinking milk at bedtime could prove quite uncomfortable throughout the night. Sure, it seems soothing, and it may coat the stomach, helping you drift off into slumber. But, expect to wake during the night once the after-effects set in. Your tummy is not given enough time to process the milk during the night, and your body is trying to rest, not digest, anything you put in it at nighttime.

Electric Bills Will Certainly Keep You Up – If you are one of those people that needs the radio or the television on at night in order to carry you off into dreamland, be advised that you are in for more restlessness in the future. Not only will the noise be highly disruptive to your dreams and your overall sleeping experience, but these appliances cost a lot of energy and money to keep them going when you are not awake. If you thought you were having trouble sleeping now, imagine how you will feel the next time an expensive bill is sitting in your mailbox.

Hypnosis – Those who suffer from insomnia often seek hypnotherapy as a means of aiding in the sleeping process. While some people have actually benefited from this method, countless others have found that it either does not work, or works a little too well. Mind control can be a very dangerous thing, and finding a highly trained professional can often be tricky. Plus, being hypnotized into sleeping seems unnatural, and will leave you feeling even groggier in the morning. It is not worth the cost for all the side effects.

Liquor Is Quicker…But Dangerous – At one point, we get fed up with our insomnia, and end up turning to the bottle to help us sleep much faster. A glass of wine, a shot of brandy, a few beers are all known to make us sleepy after awhile. In moderation, these are not necessarily bad, but when this becomes a nightly ritual, there is certainly a problem. Also, the body has to work extra hard to ensure that the waste is removed, causing the mind to stay drowsy but the rest of you to continue going internally, leaving you exhausted the next day.

Consider a aromatherapy mist for the best way to fall asleep quickly, but peacefully. It certainly won’t cost as much as those pills and bills. And there is no addiction or subconscious tampering involved. Head to bed with fresh aromas on your pillow, and you will not be sorry.

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