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Baby Boomers: Conquering The Battle Of The Bulge

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Are you ready to start checking off that bucket list yet?

I asked myself that question last year when I made my list. I realized one of the things I had to do first was get healthier and fit so I could do the things I wanted to do on that list. I did not want to see the world and not have the stamina to participate in the activities I am interested in doing.

For one, I intend on seeing the pyramids and I imagine I will be doing a great deal of walking for that. Not to mention climbing diving constructing and creating. Oh, I have big plans.

My strategies for a healthier new year

I made the decision to go vegan last year It was an ethical reason mainly, but the health benefits were undeniably worth the effort to do as much research as I could to help me transition from being Pescatarian. I knew that eliminating dairy and fish from my diet was something I had wanted to do for a long time, but just procrastinated because it involved self-work and some life-changing decisions that I was not ready to make yet. everything happens in its own time I have learned.

Eliminating the foods that I did not want to eat was the first step, so I did not keep them in the house. But I also replace with healthier food choices that were not only good for me but ones that I enjoyed and that would satisfy my cravings. And yes there is delicious vegan ice cream among other tasty treats that are vegan-friendly.

I eat plenty of Organic whole foods fruits vegetables and brown rice and legumes. I did not find this hard at all since I enjoy these types of food. I drink mainly purified water.I am Stretching and keeping flexible with yoga, walking on my treadmill when the weather outside did not permit, helped me to maintain a good exercise regime through the winter months.Gardening alone is a great workout in the Summer but I also hula hoop. It is super fun and looks and feels enchanting just doing.

I get 8 hours, more if my body wants to sleep. A plant-based diet is a good way to balance your circadian rhythm.I am never depressed and feel my self-love and a mindful state of being has contributed to my overwhelming happiness.

I have also lost two pounds a month by simply intermediate fasting. For example, I will stop eating 7 pm and will not break my fast until 11 am the next day, Just by not eating for 16 hours at a time every day, my body has the time it needs to digest my food and give it the break it needs.

Feeding your mind and giving yourself time alone to just be is just as important.

Expressing my gratitude and meditating at the start of each day keeps me focused and my head in the right place. Being vegan and exercising keeps me balanced and in control of my body keeping me fit.

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