June 19, 2024


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Baby Boomers’ Guide To Internet Marketing

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Networking marketing is today’s answer to many home based MLM businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Baby boomers in their fifties or older are now a welcome part of this gigantic virtual market.

Enthusiastic baby boomers who are also passionate MLM marketers should make extensive use of the internet:

Marketing enables marketers to connect to anyone in almost any part of the world in a split second. Baby Boomers who grew up with mass marketing and advertising boom probably know more about brand promotion and aggressive marketing strategies. Internet marketing is simply a more refined application of these techniques albeit through the World Wide Web.

Despite technological transitions and a faster pace of work, the basic marketing fundamentals remain the same. A traditional marketer who says ‘Customer is King’ will in the virtual world change this paradigm to include Customer is an informed king who has choices at the click of the mouse’.

Since information explosion also throws up a lot of unwanted information or spam, just be a bit careful while sorting out lucrative business deals or quality leads from the sundry.

Learn the intricacies of social marketing and affiliate marketing and put them together for generating multiple streams of income. Many revolutionary marketing systems now teach how to earn residual income that multiplies as your business expands.

Don’t be afraid to learn new skills and let yourself go. You’ll be surprised how many baby boomers today are having fun surfing the net and enjoying the thrill of online shopping. One thing leads to another and now you find virtual communities of baby boomer business people.

Network marketing with baby boomers can be a very attractive proposition for marketers at every level.

Aging baby boomers that constitute a relatively richer and affluent society than the younger generation never had it better. A whole host of innovative products have evolved over the years to cater to this very lucrative market. Information is the key to generating quality prospects here.

Reaching out to them is possible if you understand their specific needs. Shelling out $3000 for a new lifestyle device may invite scepticism, but wait again! If it’s a subscription further by complimented by a free sample and a booklet that explains this new concept…well! You’ve got a chance.

Value for money is still what they essentially believe in. A product or concept which directly addresses their needs while providing easy access without cumbersome procedures has a better bet of winning over interested prospects.

Despite paradigm shifts and newly emerging ideas of living, all over the globe, baby boomers are a diverse group. They could be embarking on a new career or they could be comfortably retired. But they still want to hold on to their fading youth and seem often predisposed to trying out new products and concepts. With a desire to live their lives more pleasurably, this segment is very ripe and open to using their skills to build MLM businesses. This group likes to live well, experiment and also influences others to do so.

Many of them have learnt to be net savvy. Those who are still testing waters may need a gentle nudge and some convincing before they adopt online marketing methods. Give out free demonstrations garnished with an encouraging attitude and you have a genuinely interested prospect. Approach through emails and newsletters is also welcome, but only after you have made the preliminary introductions.

Most of all, give a Thumbs Up sign for their Never Say Die attitude!

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