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Baby Gates – How To Buy Baby Safety Gates Wisely

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If you have a baby and your house is not child-proof, then there is a must for you to buy your own baby gates. They provide safety to your child from falls or other accidents by blocking certain unrestricted areas. There are so many types of baby gates available in the market today. You need to make sure that you buy the right gate for your certain needs and specifications.

Pressure mounted baby gates are the most common type of safety gates. As the name suggests, this type requires pressure to be attached to the door frame. You need to open the gate wide sufficient enough to be fitted in your doorway. Make sure that the rubbery pieces found on the sides of the gate pressed securely against the door frame.

They are very affordable and can be brought anywhere with you. However, this type is not recommended to be placed on top of the stairs because there is a big possibility that a big baby can push the gate out-of-place considering the fact that it only mounted with pressure and not with bolts and screws.

Another type of gate is the hardware mounted one. Again as the term may imply, it uses screws to be attached to the wall or door frame. The fact that it is mounted with screws make this gate permanent, unlike with pressure mounted types that you can transfer anywhere it is necessary. Hardware mounted types give more security though because they are securely fastened in place. No baby with all his might can ever turn this gate over.

Super wide baby gates, on the other hand, are suitable to use in various modern homes which have open floor plans. If you find great difficulty in gating a particular area in your home this type is the most ideal solution to your problem. These gates can be form a freestanding gated area which you can use indoors and outdoors – perfect to make a circular play space for your little active toddler.

When you are buying safety gates it is important that you test the gate by opening and closing it. This is to ensure that you can install and remove it without difficulty. You also need to think like toddlers when you buy one so that you can see the possible loopholes in it. An ideal gate is very easy for adults to get around but difficult for kids to maneuver.

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