September 22, 2023


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Baby Safety Gates to Avoid Unwanted Mishaps

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Babies are cute, cuddly, charming, sweet, and countless other adjectives can be added to express how much everyone adores babies. However, at the same time unfortunately babies are very delicate and helpless too and are unable to protect themselves and do much in case they fall victim of a minor or major accident. That makes babies prone for accidents and need arises for parents to be proactive to take preventive measures for ensuring maximum safety for babies. Apparently, a safest of the houses can be the most dangerous place for an infant, especially the ones who have started walking or crawling. Baby safety gates are very beneficial in order to avoid babies entering the dangerous places like down the stairs, out of window, bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, basements, etc.

Like many other senses the sense of judging dangers develops over time in babies. Babies don’t like to sit idle and need a new activity after a while. So even if they are not being watched for a minute is enough for them to harm themselves by doing some mischievous act. There are always possibilities of some unwanted accidents to occur, but most of such possibilities can be eliminated by taking some safety precautions. Baby proofing the possible places where a baby can access is the general umbrella of such precautions and installing baby safety gates is perhaps the most important precautions that can avoid many accidents. For instance, falling from stairs top is the single most happening accident among babies and this can easily be shunned by having baby safety gates installed on the stairs top.

There cannot be a particular number of places in each household that can be called the ideal and fit for all. Each house may have its own requirements on overall safety and especially the number and places where baby safety gates are necessary to be placed. So the first step always is to analyze and discover the particular locations in the house where safety gates are required to be placed. Apart from top of the stairs safety gates are recommended to be installed in kitchens, bathrooms as well. There can be many dangerous objects there that can harm baby badly. Similarly, proofing the fireplace also make a lot of sense as going near fire can be as threatening as it can get. Protecting basements and windows are also equally important as falling from a height is in extreme cases a life threatening proposition. Mostly ignored area is the backyard door of the house. Keep in mind, if the adult members do not visit a place often that does not stop the baby to visit the same place. Try to understand the way baby logic works.

Facts and figures from well researched studies (can be found online as well) strongly suggests that homes where baby safety gates are other preemptive actions are taken are less prone to accidents as compare to the households that rely on nature and their own supervision to protect the young ones.

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