July 25, 2024


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Benefits of a Baby Gate

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The Baby Gate is a great tool to keep children away from the hazards of a home. Often times a baby gate is used to keep children away from stairs or other objects that could cause injury. Another use for the baby gate would be to keep the child or children in one room or part of the house to ensure they are always kept in sight of the adult.

There are many harmful chemicals and obstacles in the typical home. By using a baby gate to keep children away from or out of rooms with such hazards, makes it easier for the adult to safely care for the children.

Using a baby gate at the top of or bottom of a staircase is an excellent idea. Children who are learning to crawl love to crawl up the stairs and do not know that they could fall down when trying to crawl up the stairs. In addition to keeping crawling infants from crawling up the stairs, an even bigger danger is for the crawler to fall down the stairs. Children as young as 8 months do not know that stairs are dangerous. They see the stairs as a new area to explore, not a hazard. The baby gate is a necessity for crawlers.

Another use for the baby gate is to keep children in one specific area or room. With multiple children in one home it is even harder to keep track of the children if they are let loose in the entire house. By keeping them in one room or part of the house they are more easily looked after.

Some baby gates can be hooked together. When this is done it forms what is known as a play den, super yard, or play yard. This can be used inside a large room or the more common use, outside. Often these play yards are used for small pets inside. When the homeowner does not want the small animal all over the house or does not what children in direct contact with the animal a play yard is used. A play den is great to use when playing in an outside area with no fence. The play den can be used for children too young to understand to stay in one area. The play den is also great for the crawling infant. A blanket can be placed inside the play yard for a soft crawling surface.

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