May 28, 2024


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Benefits of Using a Baby Pacifier With Pacifier Clips

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Parents often worry about whether their babies should use pacifiers or not. Pacifiers can provide many benefits for infants, including calming a cranky baby and reducing the risk of SIDS. Attaching a pacifier clip to the pacifier can help, as well.

Research has shown and experts agree that babies crying for the breast or bottle are not always hungry. Babies often just feel an urge to suck on something, and a pacifier with a pacifier clip is perfect for these times. With the pacifier clip tied on to the pacifier, and attached to clothing or car seat straps, it is virtually impossible to lose the pacifier. That makes it very easy to soothe a fussy baby. The pacifier can also help to settle a baby back to sleep when it wakes during the night.

In addition to its calming and pleasing effects, experts have found that pacifiers with pacifier clips reduce the risk of a baby dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Although not entirely sure why, they believe the pacifier keeps the airways open by pushing the tongue forward.

The American Dental Association has also announced that giving a baby a pacifier, attached to the pacifier clip, instead of a bottle of juice or milk can help to prevent and reduce early childhood tooth decay. Rather than the sugars from the liquids sitting in the mouth and around the teeth, the sucking motions of the baby helps saliva to rinse the teeth and mouth naturally.

Pacifiers should always be kept clean and should never be dipped in something sweet to encourage the child to suck on it. Babies will naturally turn to their pacifiers when they need them. Having the pacifier clip attached helps to keep comfort in easy reach, and prevents them from falling onto dirty floors as well.

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