June 19, 2024


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Beyond the Basics – Advanced Skills for Young Cyclists

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Once kids have mastered bike balance and braking, the world of cycling opens up. Advancing to moderate trails, group rides or bike parks requires next-level skills. With coaching and practice, young riders can safely develop techniques that transform cycling from basic transportation to thrilling recreation. 

Control Speed

Maintaining an appropriate speed prevents both uncontrolled acceleration and stalling out on inclines. Younger kids should master starting, stopping, and balancing before picking up too much speed. Have new riders gradually work up to faster rolling terrain without pedaling faster than their skills allow.

Scan Ahead

Looking ahead helps to spot potential hazards like storm grates, debris or turns early. Quickly scanning far down the path rather than fixating a few feet ahead gives more reaction time. Remind kids to glance up frequently. Start by calling out things to watch for until scanning becomes a habit.

Signal Turns

Using hand signals communicates upcoming turns to other cyclists and drivers. Come to a complete stop, look behind for traffic, then stick one arm straight out to indicate a turn. Point the same direction you plan to turn; signal every turn until it becomes second nature.

Navigate Obstacles

Instead of directly hitting obstacles like storm drains or sticks, teach kids to look ahead and steer around them. Approach slowly, move laterally, and turn slightly to avoid the object while staying upright. The pros at Woom recommend wider tires on lightweight bikes to provide stability for moderate obstacles.

Manage Hills

Climbing hills without losing momentum requires shifting into lower gears. Descending steep slopes demands controlling speed. Practice gauging slopes and selecting appropriate gears. For long downhills, hover over brakes while coasting in an easy gear, and avoid fixating on the bottom.

Ride Off-Road

Riding on loose surfaces like gravel or grass requires adapting balance and steering. Weight should stay centered over the pedals, not shifted forward or back. Look ahead and make small corrections to maintain a line. Don’t allow the front wheel to stop or dig in. Start on flat, smooth surfaces.

Control Gearing

Learning when to shift gears for optimal efficiency takes practice. Pedal quickly with minimal resistance on flat roads. Gear down before hills to maintain power. Upshift as you crest the hill to gain speed again. Let terrain and speed guide gear choices.

Use Brakes Smoothly

Jamming on brakes can lead to skids and falls. Teach kids to feather brakes, gradually increasing pressure as they come to a stop. Maximize rear brakes first before gently adding front brakes. Practice quick stops in safe places until braking becomes second nature.

Handle Loose Surfaces

Sand, packed dirt and gravel require subtle steering and braking adjustments to maintain control. Take turns wide and brake early, lightly, and intermittently to maintain traction. Shift weight rearward. Look ahead to read the surface. Start slowly on hard-packed dirt trails.

Negotiate Traffic

Rules like signaling, scanning behind and taking the lane prepare kids to safely negotiate traffic as cycling independence expands. Do a quick bike safety check before riding near vehicles. Make eye contact and be predictable. Kids under 10 should avoid riding in traffic.

Group Ride Etiquette 

Practice group-ride behavior like waiting for others at turns, pointing out road hazards, and riding single file. Leave space between bikes and warn before passing. Come to full stops at signs and lights. Following rules and etiquette keeps group rides safe and fun.


Beyond mastering balance, developing skills like gear shifting, downhill control, off-road navigation and bike maintenance unlocks a lifetime of cycling adventures. Step-by-step coaching matched to each child’s abilities makes complex techniques feel achievable. Nailing those advanced skills brings smiles as big the outdoor world newly opened to them.

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