July 21, 2024


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Cannabis versus Opioid painkillers

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A recent study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs shows that the opioid painkillers are used basically for treating chronic pain and insomnia. Now that cannabis becomes gradually accepted around the world , many people consider it as an alternative. Cannabis is no longer consider a way of just having fun using hand pipes. The study was conducted on 1000 people who consumed cannabis. The results show that 65% of those people used cannabis in order to relieve their pain. Almost 80% of them reported that they will find the use beneficial, and 88% of those individuals have quit using painkillers.

People are opting for cannabis as a preferable alternative to soothe those symptoms. The use of opioid painkillers can be reduced by the use of medical cannabis.

Although, the researchers suggested that additional research must be carried out in order to confirm the medical advantages of cannabis. they note that opioids became substantially reduced by the use of cannabis. 

The dangers of Opioid medications.

Although regular painkillers and over the counter drugs can be very helpful, they usually come with severe side effects. Opioids burden the respiratory system and that implies that a possible overdose can cause adverse effects.

Dr. Julia Arnsten (professor of Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine), stated that individuals can become tolerant to opioids, and that means increased doses are required in order to attain a similar effect.

This implies that the dosage for chronic pain patients might increase with time and can lead to the possibility of an overdose. Even though very uncommon, drugs used for aiding sleep can result in dependence and grogginess the following day, which could affect people’s social lives and daily routine.

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