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How to avoid the major crisis that comes with a childbirth

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The birth of a baby is almost always a time of joy for the family except in cases where the man or the woman didn’t want the baby or the baby doesn’t belong to the man. However, even in these cases where the baby was a source of joy, it would take just a little time before the baby starts becoming a bone of contention in the family. You start to notice cases where the man starts to feel neglected because the woman is focusing all her attention on the baby and leaving little to no time for the man. In some cases where the woman is trying her best to give as much time as she can to the husband, he might not be happy with the quantity or quality of the time considering a single cry from the baby could quickly break up any activity they were on. This has made childbirth to almost always come with a major crisis that rocks marriages with some men going after other ladies since they feel their wives no longer have time for them and the woman later discovering and feeling betrayed. This article will try to explain how to avoid … Read More