June 20, 2024


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Dealing With Issues With ADHD

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Lilli was never still as a little girl. She was full of life and thrilled with everything around her. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was my first baby so I never thought about what a “normal” 5 year old should act like. I had been very fortunate to be at home with her from birth and I never had thought about her being any different than any other child. Around this time though, she started k-5. She began her first year at school full of excitement ready to meet new people and take on the world. As the year progressed, the teacher began to send home notes every night saying that she could not be still, she could not focus, she was disruptive, etc. I was not happy, Lilli was not happy, and daddy was not happy. So we struggled through the school year and decided to home school the next year. As we started our school from home, I was able to realize and see what the teacher was referring to. She was very busy and active, but by being at home we were able to do more active work instead of just sitting down constantly. I did begin to realize though that she was still not totally retaining what we were learning because she was so busy and her brain was racing. After going to the doctor, he put her on Ritalin. We immediately saw a change in how she was able to sit and focus, but we also noticed that her quality of life was not what it needed to be as well. She did not eat (and she was already so tiny) and she actually just wasn’t her. I actually liked her happy, jumpy self (I guess I was so used to it). At the same time, we also found out that she was having silent seizures. She was struggling more than we realized. So here we went with more medicine. By this time, she was 7 years old and taking 7 different medicines. As she grew so did her seizures. She was having several different types of seizures all day and all night. This little life was miserable.

Finally when she was 13, my best friend told me about an awesome product that was all natural with no additives and it was easy to use. She told me to try it and even bought my first box (she actually bought it for some other issues that my other children were having). We tried it for those particular issues and it really worked quickly and I was so excited. So I did more research and I realized that they had products that could help the ADD/ADHD and the Epilepsy. I was so thrilled. I ordered what I needed and put it to work. Over the last 2 1/2 years, she has been able to come off of all but 3 of her medicines, she is not having continual seizures anymore, she is no longer on the Ritalin, she can focus on her school work, and she is even playing basketball for our school. I would not have ever thought that she could have the ability to do what she has done. But I also know that she would not have been able to do anything without this product.

I have been so amazed watching her. She will turn 16 in August and I am so proud of her. She is becoming an awesome young lady.

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