May 28, 2024


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Domestic Cleaning Secrets: How to Recycle Used Jars Into Beautiful Free Gifts

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Many people find a house cleaning toronto a chore, but there are many domestic cleaning tips you can use to turn any cleaning job into a real pleasure. And what better way to get the most out of cleaning your home than when you can combine it with getting something for free? This article shows you how to turn ordinary glass jars destined for the rubbish bin or trash can into gorgeous presentation jars for every occasion.

First, look in your kitchen cupboards for any nearly-empty glass jars that are likely to look good when cleaned up. One of the best is Douwe Egbert’s coffee jars. Douwe Egbert’s coffee second hand piano dealers jars are a real delight visually, and very easy to clean (the coffee’s okay too!). If you don’t have any likely jars in your cupboards right now, make a note to buy products from companies who use more recyclable packaging from now on.

You will need:

1 medium-size glass jar with a tight-fitting glass lid, such as a Douwe Egberts coffee jar

hot, soapy water

pair of rubber gloves

round metal scourer

few drops of lighter fluid, such as Ronsonol or Perma Fluid (be sure to read the safety instructions on the container first)

kitchen paper/paper towels

clean cotton tea towel/dish towel

short scrap of colored ribbon or cord, about 30 cm/12 inches long, to decorate (you can find all kinds of fabrics and rope to recycle from used carrier bags and another packaging from shops/stores)

1. Put the coffee jar and lid into a bowl of hot, soapy water and leave to soak for a few minutes.

2. When the labels are soft enough to remove, use your fingers to pull as much of them off as you can.

3. How do you get the rest of the labeling off? Cleaning secret number one: put on the rubber gloves, then take the round metal scourer and use it gently to remove any remaining pieces of the label. Don’t worry, the metal scourer will not scratch the glass. Try it yourself and see!

4. Remove the tags from the glass lid in the same way. (Note: the metal scourer won’t scratch glass, but it WILL scratch metal, so if you choose to use a jar with a metal lid do not use the scorer on any part that is metal.)

5. Now turn the jar upside down and use the metal scourer to remove the date and anything else printed in ink on the bottom.

6. When you have removed all the paper labels and any partners in watercolor, you may still find a few blobs of glue sticking stubbornly to the jar’s surface. These blobs of glue can be a nightmare to remove, but here comes the brilliant part. Cleaning secret number two: lighter fluid! Lighter fluid isn’t just for lighters, it has marvelous cleaning properties and can clean sticky glue from all kinds of surfaces. However, it can be a little too strong for some materials, such as some plastics, so to be on the safe side always test a small, inconspicuous area first. Always use rubber gloves to protect your skin, and above all, please remember to keep the lighter fluid away from naked flames or sparks at all times because it’s highly flammable. It also has a strong smell, so keep the room well ventilated while you use it, to protect you and your household from any fumes. When you have taken all the necessary precautions, pour a few drops of lighter fluid onto kitchen paper, and then rub the wet paper over the glue. The glue will disappear like magic within a few seconds. Finally, clean off any residue of lighter fluid thoroughly after use.

7. Now rewash the jar in clean soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and dry with a clean cotton tea towel/dish towel.

8. When the pot is completely dry, tie an attractive piece of ribbon or cord around the neck of the container, tie the ends into a bow or decorative knot and trim the loose ends with scissors.

9. Fill the jar with anything you like – for example, dried herbs, home-made truffles, potpourri or bath salts – then seal with the lid.

You can also decorate the jar but leave it empty – it still looks beautiful. You could perhaps recycle a few pots, paint them, then give them away empty for other people to fill with whatever they like best. Either way, this is a free and simple way to use domestic cleaning secrets to turn ordinary household rubbish into beautiful, memorable gifts. | Newsphere by AF themes.