June 22, 2024


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Don’t Use the Same Old Boring Baby Shower Games Ideas

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I know it’s difficult to think up unique and fun baby shower games ideas, but it is probably the most important part in planning a memorable baby shower. We have all been to showers where they play the same old silly games and everyone at the party is bored and uncomfortable.

Baby showers like these are not well planned, they lack any kind of creativity, and certainly aren’t very memorable. I know you don’t want your shower to be one of these kinds of parties. This is such an important day in the life of every new parent and it deserves special attention from the hostess.

So what can you do to plan the baby shower of the year? That’s easy. Mix a little planning, a bunch of creativity and some top quality games and you have the perfect ingredients for a great shower. Here are a few guidelines to follow when picking your baby shower games ideas:

Get Interactive: Choose games that encourage your guests to get out of their seat and interact with other guests. This makes the party more lively and no one is stuck sitting in their seats for two hours. It also helps guests who don’t know each other to get acquainted.

Get Creative: Look for games that are unique and different. Everyone is tired of playing the same old boring games! There are thousands of baby shower games to choose from – you just have to know where to find them.

Keep it Short: No one wants to be playing the same game for an hour or more. Find games that are short and just play more of them. This also makes it easier to break for gifts, lunch and speeches.

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