May 28, 2024


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Go Baby Go Stride-To-Ride Dino Toy for Toddlers

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If you have a toddler and you’re trying to teach them how to walk, then there are toys that can certainly help in teaching and supporting them. The Go Baby Go Stride-To-Ride Dino is designed to help in just this way – but there’s a twist. The Go Baby Go Stride To Ride Dino is even better than normal walkers, because it has the ability to turn into a rider when your child is old enough to know how to walk and want to ride around. Parents are sure to appreciate the extra months (even years) of use that it provides.

What do I get?

Suitable for children over 9 months old, Dino is designed to help your toddler reach some independence. To work, your child will have to stand up and push the buttons to get the lights or music to work, yet they are also supported by the frame. Available to work over a large amount of terrains, including carpet, wooden, and tiled floors, the big wheels are designed to give your child stability and easy manoeuvrability.

When your child is old enough, Dino can convert into a ride along toy, and kids will love pushing along on this scooter.

What are the benefits?

Naturally, toys that grow are perfect for parents, as children of this age grow so quickly. Parents will also appreciate the volume control that is placed on the music, especially if their child loves playing with the music capabilities it so often. There are 3 songs, 2 tunes and 5 sound effects. The friendly shape and bright colours are sure to charm young children, and they will have plenty of fun with the lights. The Fisher Price Dino is also remarkably stable, which is a great safety feature that is superior to many walkers and riders on the market. Babies are sure to love and be entertained by the Go Baby Go Stride-To-Ride Dino, but for fans of jungle animals there is a Lion version also.

How much will it cost me?

The lion version is priced at around $50, and the Dino can be bought for around $40.

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