July 21, 2024


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Have You Ever Experienced the Warmth of Family Love?

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In my growing up years I always knew without doubt that my parents loved me. As I grew my parents considered displays of affection inappropriate for my age. The warmth of their love seemed to dwindle. Notice I said the warmth of their love, the love itself remained constant.

I became a single parent and was uniquely blessed to raise four wonderful people who enriched (and still enrich) my life at every turn. When they were younger I played with them, prayed for them and did my best to to teach them all I knew about living life in a practical sense and a spiritual sense. They have not all chosen to take the path in life I wanted for them but I love them all just as much as I always have!

Some of my grandchildren are now approaching adult life without ever really having known the blessing of a having a faithful father figure in their lives. Their views, ideologies and values (moral and spiritual) differ greatly from mine. I grieve for them at times but on a recent visit I felt such a warmth of love for them (mother and children). Ridiculous as it seems I would gladly have taken them all, wrapped them in my arms so they would experience the glow of love I wanted so much to share with them.

Later I visited with my son and his wife and family. He has established his home on the values and principles which guide my life and I am grateful. Their children are being raised to know, honour, love and obey God. They often pray for their little family. Again I experienced that same warmth of love for them all. I also wanted them to feel that gentle warm glow of love which I felt for them.

It is the same feeling I have for my two adult children for are still at home. They are independent, have their own lives but play such a huge part in ours. I often feel that rush of love for them also. They are all such special people. I am singularly blessed.

Really everyone should experience this warmth and glow of family love in their lives. Long after I am gone I want my children to know and cherish my love for them. I won’t last forever but they need to be reminded of my love for them. So, at least, for my far away family I have chosen to give them a gift which hopefully will remind them of how strong the love is between all family members. It will last forever.

It is a beautiful amber glass candle holder which tells a story of warmth, light and love so that no matter the distance or years between us the memory of love will remain. It is a small thing but hopefully they will understand and feel loved.

Perhaps you can also find ways to build that warmth and love into your family also.

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