February 28, 2024


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Heating and Air Conditioning: Be Prepared for Warm Weather by Maintaining AC Units

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System efficiency should be on top of every homeowners list when utilizing heating and air conditioning. The extremely hot temperatures beginning around April are energy draining to say the least. These uncomfortable conditions can last through October. Heating units must also be proficient to uphold lower monthly bills. Both should be inspected yearly to determine where improvements can be made. Older systems are less efficient. Over time they begin to perform poorly. Maintenance can often keep them running well for many years. There comes a time when even the utmost care does nothing but keep units running at bare minimum. A service call can get your home ready for the intense summer heat by improving unit performance. Experienced technicians are capable of looking over the unit. They may find a part replacement to be enough to improve each systems operation. In the worst case scenario, installation of a new unit might be recommended.

Air Conditioning Repair Service: What Happens During a Typical Visit?

An air conditioning brisbane repair service is the starting point for increased heating and cooling efficiency. A technician will look at the current condition of the unit, registers, and ductwork. How old is the existing unit? What is its SEER rating? Was it properly installed? These are all very important questions. Units reach a point where they are outdated. Even if they are running properly, they are not capable of producing the needed efficiency. They may have a SEER rating of twelve or below. Newer models start at a rating of thirteen and increase to as much as twenty. Anything below the standard is considered inefficient. High temperatures bring heavy use upon these units. Higher efficiency ratings create immense savings for every month of the year. A SEER rating of twenty is a homeowner’s best choice when it fits within their budget. Installation determines the significance of the energy rating. Units which do not fit the size requirements of a home actually use more energy. Improper set up results in higher costs, heavier use, and a less efficient system.

Has it been properly maintained throughout use? Maintenance is what keeps a system operating at its best. When this necessary upkeep is not performed, a unit can become very expensive to run within a home. Most owners change filters regularly but forget about all the other maintenance a heating or cooling unit entails. This results in dirt buildup throughout the system. As use continues without proper cleaning, parts begin to work harder to perform as well. Eventually a part will break leaving the system inoperative. Standard upkeep can prevent this from occurring. Systems last longer when they are cared for appropriately. A technician can determine if this has occurred. In many cases they can clean the unit, make the repairs, and have it operating at its best fairly quickly. If the unit has been neglected for far too long or is simply too old, they typically recommend replacement. High temperatures can be overwhelming and in some cases, deadly. It is best to schedule this system checkup each year and follow the direct advice of a reliable professional.

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