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How to Make Paper Look Crimped

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Texture is a very important element for any scrapbook page, greeting card or 3-D craft project. You can easily add texture with paper that is crimped… that is, it has pleats like a hand-held paper fan. Here are 3 different ways to create Crimped Paper… use them on your next craft project!

Using a Paper Crimping Tool

To describe how these tools work… think of a Pasta Machine. Dough is placed into the throat of the machine; you use a crank to feed the dough past two rollers; the dough comes out of the machine just the way you want it. This is the exact process for crimping paper with a special tool. The difference is that the tool’s two rollers have ridges that create pleats in the paper. Crimpers can be purchased with rollers that have parallel lines, or wavy lines, each one giving you a unique look. You can find either style in many craft supply stores, or order a parallel-line crimper from your Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

Crimping Paper with a Paper Cutter

If you have a Paper Cutter with a Scoring Blade, you can add a ‘crimp’ to any paper. Cut your piece to the length and width you need, keeping in mind that after you “crimp” the paper will be slightly smaller because of the folds. You will make two set of score marks – one set on each side of the paper. This will give you “hills” and “valleys” which you will then pleat like a hand-held paper fan.

Here’s how to create ‘crimps” that are 1/4″ inch deep: Start by making a score mark 1/2″ from the right edge of your paper, and then score every 1/2″ for the entire length of your paper (these are the “hills”). Flip your paper over and place the first score mark on the grove of your paper cutter. Now move your paper 1/4″ to the right and make a score. Now score every 1/2″ for the entire length of your piece (these are the “valleys”). Now pleat your paper as if you were making a fan. Make sure each fold is well creased, preferably with a Bone Folder or similar tool.

Crimping Paper by Hand

Now that you understand the concept of crimped paper – make pleats and then fold like a fan – you can create unique crimps by hand. Make the hills and valleys by creating your first fold, then flip it over and fold again, repeating this process for the entire length of your piece. This is a very time-consuming approach but it gives you the flexibility to create pleats of different widths on one piece of paper. This will create a very dramatic look and add lots of texture.

In Summary

These three styles of making crimped paper – with a special tool, with your paper cutter, or by hand – will create a piece of paper that will definitely add an unexpected and dramatic look to your next project. I hope you make some Crimped Paper very soon!

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