June 22, 2024


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Importance of Childproofing Your Home

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It is so obvious that children cannot be thoroughly educated about home safety until they grow up a little. Childproofing our houses has become a necessity today to prevent fatal injuries at home. Here is a clear insight on why should you childproof your home much before the entry of little ones at home?

As a parent, it is your duty to secure your kids from all types of internal and external hazards they might come across in their daily life. Dangers are at home for small children who are not aware of the damages caused by playing with electronic goods, electricity and other choking materials. Childproofing home is the preeminent way to prevent our kids from injuring themselves and others at home unknowingly.

Possible Vulnerabilities

The following are the few essential household materials that are unavoidable in every house but are capable of causing injuries to children when they deal with them.

1. Uncovered plug pointers and cables.
2. Electronic household items including night light which you may think is not reachable for kids.
3. Gas stoves and uncovered stove lids.
4. Choking edges and furniture or walls with sharp edges.
5. Mirrors, cup boards and cabinets with glass finish.
6. Slippery tiles and flooring. This also includes areas in the house like the bathrooms, patios and corridors that are wet.
7. Few house cleaning supplies like floor cleaners, toilet cleaner, acid, detergent etc.
8. The aerosols and insecticides you stock at home.
9. Breakable show pieces or decorative.
10. The gadgets you use at home.

Childproofing Equipments

Well, keeping your children in a well-secured zone at home is no way possible. But you can make use of few childproofing equipments that are easily available in market for your home’s safety. Few notable childproofing equipment include:

· Switchboard covers and guards
· Stove knob covers
· Angle locks for drawers and cabinets.
· Corner cushions.
· Video monitoring system to monitor your baby’s activities when you are busy in kitchen.
· Door stoppers
· Door locks
· Slip-proof flooring mats and bathing mats.
· Toilet locks and cabinet locks

Shopping Suggestions

It is not necessary that you should locate a dealer from whom you can buy quality biometric products or other home-safety devices you need for childproofing.

To ensure that you secure your house better, there are a lot of home safety devices available in baby accessories shops, like momandme of Mahindra retail. To ease your shopping, there are online baby accessories shops like momandmeshop.in are also present through which you can buy home safety products online and pay as they deliver the products at your door step.

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