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Marketing Yourself – Your Wealth Creation Checklist

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You can avoid getting depressed about being unable to earn a living from skills you’ve taken a lifetime to acquire. Skills employers dismiss on the basis of your age. Baby boomers have an oversupply of a marketable commodity many consider worthless. Life Experience is what they have plenty of.

As a baby boomer you hold the bulk of the world’s knowledge and talent in your heart and head. You need a fresh revelation that whatever you learned to enter the work force – and to stay there – has a value to the rest of the community.

The secret lies in the packaging.

Convert your knowledge and skills into information products and you will have created a Cash Cow that will last more than 20 years.

Information is one of the hottest products on the market today. You can successfully sell information products, relating to your workplace skills, on the internet providing you make use of the product development strategy of the experts.

It’s one of their best kept secrets. Would you like to know what it is ?

OK. They have a checklist they go through when developing each of their products. You can secure your own success by applying this checklist to every potential information product you are wanting to launch.

Here it is.

The Experts Information Product Development Checklist

1. Does the Product Solve a Problem ?

Does the potential information product, based on your babyboomer work skills and knowledge solve a know problem for a group of people?

Experts will not consider launching a product unless it provides a clearly identified and developed solution.

You will have seen many information products promising to assist users to launch a business on the internet. In most cases, in the sales letter for these products the authors will identify and explain the problem for which their product provides a solution.

2. Is It Unique?

Does the product have a USP? The experts spend considerable time developing their product’s Unique Selling Proposition.

They have used the economist’s trade tool , Product Differentiation, very successfully. It involves identifying, knowing, and being able to clearly explain to your client, the one feature that makes your product different from all those of your competitors.

As a babyboomer you will have a high level of product knowledge and will have little trouble working out the USP.

To get this right make sure you can explain your USP to a loved one first. Have them give you some honest and open feedback on how easy it was to understand your presentation.

3. Will Clients See It As Valuable?

In particular will they see it as having a value many times the price. One of the best ways to illustrate this is to us the example given by one of the experts. He holds up a dollar in a seminar and ask who would be interested in buying it .

There are no takers.

Then he holds up the same dollar and asks who would be interested in buying it for a nickel. A sea of hands shoot up. We all love value for money. If you are going to sell a $30 product make sure your clients view it as having at least $100 value. That can be achieved by offering valuable free bonuses with your product.

Before you went from work to “refirement” – hopefully missing the retirement experience altogether – you worked for years at a job where you were paid once for every hour you worked.

Today as an babyboomer information product marketer you can choose to work a few hours to create products and then get paid over and over for the same work output every time someone buys one of your information products.

You will no longer work for money. Money will work for you as you market yourself by creating information products based on your lifetime work experience.

Copyright 2005 Kenneth Little

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