July 21, 2024


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Maternal Changes and Baby’s Development on Your Pregnancy Week 11

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What should you expect on your pregnancy week 11? You will feel more energetic now that your morning sickness starts to ease out a bit. Unfortunately though, constipation will still hang around especially if you’re not eating a fiber-rich diet. You can also blame it on the hormonal changes that your body is undergoing which slows down digestion. You may also experience heartburn and indigestion. It can be severe for other women but for some, they only experience the lightest of pregnancy symptoms.

Don’t worry if it’s almost impossible for you to eat because of your morning sickness and you haven’t gained the required weight yet. Your appetite will return pretty soon and you will then start gaining at least one pound a week. Try to restrain yourself if you develop cravings for unhealthy foods. Always opt for healthier alternatives. If you can’t stop thinking about ice cream then why not grab a yogurt and then mix in some of your favorite fruits. There are also some brands of yogurt in the market today that taste exactly like ice cream so you may want to check your local food store for these.

You will also feel that you’re always exhausted during your pregnancy week 11 that you prefer lying and sitting down over doing anything else. This is normal because your body works hard 24/7. Your energy should pick up though once the placenta is up and running and you are able to adjust to the hormonal changes in your body.

How is your baby growing on your pregnancy week 11? It’s about the size of a fig (over 1 ½ inches long) and should be almost fully formed. Soon enough, his hands will open and close into fists and tiny tooth buds will start to appear under his gums. Some of his bones will start to harden. During the same week, your baby will start kicking and stretching. The movements will look effortless! Expect more movements in the coming weeks as the baby develops and grows. During this stage, you can’t feel your baby’s movements yet until next month or so. Since the diaphragm will soon form, the baby will start hiccupping but you will not notice it for now.

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