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Mother and Baby

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If you are looking for baby care tips for the first months of your baby’s life then here is a few practical parenting tips that you can use and really help.

Many people; family, friends and other mothers will more than likely be more than willing to give you their advice, tips and hints, even if you don’t particularly want it. The best thing to do hear is listen to it all, you will soon decide what sleeping, settling, feeding methods and techniques you may want to try with your baby. It will be a case of trying a few to see what works.

Research all resources possible, online ebooks, directories, and support services. Go to the library or buy great books, magazines or join mothers groups whichever suits your style. There are hundreds of resources out there its just a matter of finding some you like.

Poring over books, highlighting and noting to find all the possible answers to your pregnancy and parenting questions is a practical good way to get started.

I soon realized once my baby was born that a lot of what I read would be trial and error with some techniques working brilliantly and others not at all.

If you swaddle or wrap your baby, you may find this is comforting to many newborns because it reminds them of being inside the womb and helps them to relax, feel safe and secure.

Bonding is big for new parents. There are many different ways, lots of cuddles and connection, eye contact, breast feeding and warm soothing voices help aid bonding and lots of skin to skin contact for both mums and dads with their baby.

If you have a baby that is crying and not sleeping very well, there are many ways to try to help soothe your baby, staying calm and gentle is so important and also hard to do when you are feeling a little frazzled. A swing can rock your baby off to sleep, a sling can hold your baby close so they can hear your reassuring heartbeat, a warm bath and massage.

Then there is musical CD’s, or CD’s with white noise, consistent rhythmic noise. I have heard of mums that have recorded the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine and played that to their babies which worked a treat. Other mums swear by fans. Many things to try and you will be able to work out which of these work for you the mother & baby.

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