July 19, 2024


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Roman Antiques To Now – German Hans Sacked Rome, China’s Hans Sack Tibet

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Roman history tells us of how mighty Rome held sway over most of Europe, all north Africa and much of west Asia. There are more magnificent Roman temples in Turkey or Libya, it seems, than are intact back in Rome. Yet while Greeks fought off Persians from the east with names such as Darius, the later Rome fell to Germans from the north with names such as Hans. Which is such an irony, from golden haired Hans of Germania from the North Sea, to golden skinned Hans from China by the sea.

It is all the same in it’s order, head bashing, flight and flee. It is now golden skin Hans who bashes skulls of Tibet, and he will keep right on at it unless Big Panda says set. And the best way we can all do this, is to stand up and say, Big Panda, lay off, let them pray. Your bully mentality gets in the way, of all your words of moral high ground and all that you say. Your actions, Big Panda, do get in the way.

We see that in Europe, that all have evolved. Hans now visits Rome, and pays with a card. Hans is now welcome in Paris and Rome, in Lisbon and Venice and even east of home. He does bring a mind set that makes all he hugs rich, as the French have found, even the English since they stopped with the blitz. But back in the east, mysterious east, this thing you call vote. What is this strange thing? You bring that here, and we will cut off your Hans. And winkie, and dinkie, and everything else. We Hans are so special, we make the decree, and as you will find out, Hans special are we.

Out Buddha, off prayer mats, stop those serene eyes. We need hardened soldiers, not men who are wise. We are the wise ones, only us, we decide. On whether you live, or go run and just hide. German Hans only brought his army, not enough people to control. So they looted, and sacked, raped, burnt, but finally went home. We are not that same Hans. We have people galore, more than cattle, easy managed by the score.

Now Hans soldiers with rifles help them move off their farm, as is needed for new coal burning factories. A valley of blue skies will be so no more. And so the coast of China, by Imperial decree, will building ten million people cities to sell stuff to you and me. They move many off farms and out of villages to flood.

The greatest new dam in the world, just completed, in China of course, according to The Economist magazine, is perhaps the most silly, environmentally, more of a disaster of a badly organized designed dam ever in history of many human follies yet. The Economist says as the new lake begins to fill, that it will, and has since begun, to smell of rot and toxins. Imagine this oldest civilization and how many thousands of years of graves along this massive area.

Now as the river is blocked and begins to fill this vast long valley and canyon, more ancient bodies are now made loose in their graves by the rising water, and are now beginning to float up to the surface, and begin to disseminate any ancient diseases from plague dead long gone, and now back with us, into the water and the air, dead animals rotting up sideways gullys not cleaned. Ah, but we are the greatest civilization, you will see. Nothing new under the sun. Except democracy.

The Economist concluded that this multi billion dollar marvel is destined to badly pollute that portion of China, and then at least all silt up. But for Emperor Hans, what a way to show off. By the billions, no matter what else might make sense. For we are the new Hans. And we are Tibet, future tense. Zeig Heil, all bow, mighty Caesar Hans is entering the kingdom. Duck.

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