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Secret Penis Care Tips for Women – How to Pamper His Manhood

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Men might deny that they enjoy a little penis pampering, but the truth is that almost every guy likes having special attention paid to his favorite organ. Ladies are well advised to spend a little time indulging their men’s penises, not only because it gives their men pleasure but because proper penis care is not always uppermost in a guy’s mind. A little female-initiated penis pampering can help to identify ways that a man can keep his valuable equipment in its prime health.

What will pamper a penis?

There are two basic areas that come into play when pampering a penis: what it wears and what cleans it.

Penis clothing

Naturally, the basic penis clothing option is underwear. The first thing to determine is what style of underwear a man prefers: boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, knit boxers, thongs, jocks, etc. Pampering may include surprising your guy with a new pair of his favorite underwear; if a woman has a man who is open to new experiences, he may even like getting a form of underwear different from what he typically sports.

It’s important to make sure to purchase underwear of the proper size. Material can also be important. For comfort, most men prefer 100% cotton, which breathes and allows easy movement. However, for pampering, a woman may want to buy special underwear that is intended to be worn only on special intimate occasions. In these cases, a woman can feel free to try something like satin or another clingy, arousing material. And very few men ever say “no” to a gift of edible underwear – as long as the gift giver is appropriately hungry.

Watch the detergent

Washing a man’s underwear needn’t be part of pampering his penis (although no man will complain if it is), but the concerned woman should take time to discover what kind of detergent her guy uses. Harsh detergents can damage sensitive penis skin, so a woman who thinks her lover’s penis skin is being traumatized in this manner may want to gift her man a bottle of a gentler laundry detergent and whisper in his ear that he use it going forward.

Cleaning the equipment

Penile pampering ideally will include treating a man to a washing and moisturizing routine. Because of the very sensitive nature of penis skin, using a gentle soap (liquid or solid) is essential. The penis bathing can take place in a bathtub or shower or in another room if a container of water is used.

The best path to follow is:

  • Wet the penis and testicles. If not in the shower, gently pour a bottle of warm (not cold, not hot) water over the equipment.

  • Soap up a wet cloth. It’s best to employ an especially soft washcloth or towel, such as those that are specially made for baby-soft skin. Rub a gentle soap into the cloth.

  • Gently massage the soap into the penis.

  • Rinse with warm water.

After cleansing

Pat dry the penis with a soft towel. It’s now time to apply the all-important penile health cream.

Appropriate penis pampering should incorporate a first rate penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). The proper cream will provide a wide range of vitamins and nutrients. For example, it must include a high end emollient, such as shea butter, to provide the moisturization that is essential to keep the penis skin soft and smooth. In addition, it needs a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, in order to offset harmful oxidative processes that can prematurely age penis skin cells. Finally, the best creams will also include acetyl L carnitine, which is an important safeguard against diminished penis sensitivity. Using a top notch cream of this sort is absolutely essential for properly pampering a penis and providing a man with vital nutrients.

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