June 20, 2024


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Step-By-Step Guide on Valuing Antique Furniture

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This article is a basic step-by-step guide to help you value antique furniture.

First off, be knowledgeable about the antique you are buying. I know it sounds a little elementary, but this is essential. The person who is selling it to you would most probably be looking at his pocket and his benefits more than yours. So again, learn whatever you need to, about the furniture you are buying.

Second, do your research thoroughly. This will help you to have the acumen to distinguish antiques from different periods of time. It will train you to asses the age of the antique furniture. Your research will also help you become skillful at telling the difference between antiques from Europe from that of America. This is just the beginning. These days, reproductions are made that look quite similar to the real thing. It takes a little bit of training to tell the difference.

Here are some basic guidelines:

•Explore and examine the furniture that you are interested in buying. Make sure that it’s a quality piece. You do this by checking drawers to see if it open and close easily. Also, examine the doors and see if they are secured tightly to the hinges and that there are no missing pieces.
•Next, check and see if, structurally, it is still strong. Inspect and see if any repairs were done. Any new refurnishing? Does the antique furniture still contain all its original wood?
•As the furniture you are buying is an antique, which means its over a hundred years old, it has been used for a long time; it should have fairly smooth edges. Run your hand along and see if you can find any rough edges. If you do, that’s a tell tale sign for repairs or refurnishing.
•Another thing to look for is the veneer. Olden days, the veneer is thicker and not laid out evenly as you see on furniture these days. Also be sure to check and see that its color is still vibrant.
•After inspecting the quality and the condition and if you are buying the antique furniture for investment purpose, make sure it’s a rare piece and there is demand for it. It would be pointless to invest in something that is in good condition that nobody wants to buy.

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