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Swaddle and sleeping bag creates the coziness of a womb.

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Motherhood is the most prominent life-changing experience. Parents try to give every comfort and security to the newborn baby. From optimal milk temperature, feeding schedule to swaddling and bedtime stories. Swaddle and sleeping bag made of pure cotton muslin recreate the womb’s environment, security, and comfort. These sleeping bags are designed to provide the baby’s warmth and security when he was inside the mother’s womb. The bag provides a feeling of being held without restricting the lower body movement. The baby can make a natural movement, which develops hip growth and prevent hip dysplasia.

The use of a swaddle blanket prevents the feeling of startling in mid of night, as he feels in the mother’s arms. The startling feeling is entirely normal; the baby wakes up and starts crying. Swaddling makes the baby feel comfortable and cozy, preventing these sudden jerks, but not too taut to make him feel suffocated. 


Lay the swaddle blanket flat in a diamond shape, and fold the top corner downward. Carefully place the baby in the back on the blanket. The Head of the baby must be outside of the blanket. Gently place the right hand of the baby on their side. Wrap the blanket on the baby and tuck excess of the blanket on the baby’s back and left arm. Swaddle the little beloved not only at night but also during a daytime nap. Use swaddle blankets immediately after birth, so they get accustomed to it.

Creates the mother`s womb environment

The following step after swaddle blankets are baby sleeping bags. The sleeping bag recreates the cozy, wrapped-up feeling without the fidgeting of the blanket. To many new mothers using sleeping bags are more convenient than swaddling blankets. The stepping bags have fasteners inside, which prevents the baby from wriggling inside. As it is made of British wool, it produces a constant microclimate inside the sleeping bag, which helps the baby sleep peacefully. These bags are designed to prevent overheating, which minimizes the risk of SIDS. 

If you are using a blanket, never cover the baby’s head with it. Both swaddle blankets and sleeping bags have their advantages, but the comfort level may differ from baby to baby. Both create the environment akin to that of the womb. Both restrict baby wriggling and startling. All parents want the baby to sleep better and comfortably, and research shows that swaddles and sleeping bags help significantly. 

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