June 20, 2024


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Tips on Safe Metal Craft For Beginners

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Any metal when given art form, looks stunning, so if you are fascinated with metal craft, it’s no wonder. Brass craft, iron craft, silver craft, copper craft, bronze craft, wrought iron craft- whatever metal you choose for making a craft, it will be undoubtedly sharp. Beginners need not to worry about that. You’ll probably get a few minor cuts but nothing as serious that should deter you from metal crafting. Just follow certain safety rules and enjoy your new interest.

  • Always hold metal lightly. A tight grip can lead to cuts.
  • Avoid running fingers along the raw edge of metal.
  • Always keep the cutting tool deep in the cut as you move along. Don’t opt for short cuts and make burrs along the cut line.
  • Initially wear gloves while working on metals. As you become more and more confident, start working without them because it gives a better feel leading to quality craft.
  • Try to use a clamping device like a well-mounted vice to hold your piece while working on it. It might not be possible all the time but whenever possible, try to follow it. Also use a rag or a scrap leather piece to cushion the metal so that the point where vice holds the piece doesn’t get destroyed.
  • Always use a brush or a piece of cardboard or some similar object to brush off the metal scraps. Don’t ever do it with your hands.
  • Take your own time to finish off the work. Don’t rush otherwise, you might get injured. As you become used to, you’ll automatically do fast work.
  • Always ensure proper and adequate lights in the work area. As most of the metals shine, it sometimes become difficult to see them clearly. Ensure proper vision from all the angels, right in the beginning.
  • Always buy good quality tools. A pair of good tin snips, if possible, aviation snips are best for even for the beginners. They need as much safety as the experts. Even if good tools cost a little more, they are worth buying.

So, now when you are equipped with the basic safety rules, why not make a metal wall art and enjoy your first metal craft project!

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