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What to Do and Not Do If You’re in a Car Accident

Auto collisions are very trying and stressful situations for everyone involved. However, if you are an adult over the age of 53, there’s a 30% likelihood that you will be involved in a collision, so it pays to know the basics of what to do if you’re involved in one.

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Make Sure You’re Off the Road – If it’s possible to move your car following a crash, it’s vital to be off the road and avoid other cars aggravating the situation or hitting a disabled vehicle.  Before calling 911 be sure any vehicle that can get off the road has done so, and that no one is in risk of more immediate harm while the situation is sorted out.

Remember to have your hazard lights on, some people have road flares to make sure they’re visible even in dreary conditions.

Call the Police – Whether someone is injured or not, the police need to survey the situation and the damage, and assess citations and fines where necessary. This step is crucial if you hope to report this situation to your auto insurance provider. Without an official police report, you might not be able to use your insurance, which makes you liable for any damages and injuries that might occur.

Do Not Engage the Other Party – While it’s vital to talk to the other party in a car crash and see if anyone needs medical attention, you should never argue or discuss the accident with the Motorcycle Accident Attorney Philadelphia until the police arrive to take a statement. Obviously this is a stressful situation, but angry words and frustration will only make it more difficult to sort out the situation.

Contact Your Insurance – Your insurance policy usually includes a towing service or some way to get your disabled vehicle from the crash site to a place where it can receive the attention it needs to get it back in working order as soon as possible.

Find A Good Body Shop – Find a reputable repair shop close to your home. Get your car towed if you have to. The repair shop can usually work directly with your insurance company.

It also never hurts to have modern devices like OnStar or a first aid kit in your vehicle, just in case someone needs emergency medical attention following a collision. To make sure your vehicle keeps you safe, check your breaks, your alignment, and always drive according to the weather conditions.