June 19, 2024


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What to Give As Baby Shower Favors

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Baby showers usually provide baby party favors to all the people involved in the party. Giving out party souvenirs is a great way to thank guests for their time to celebrate the infant’s arrival together with the expecting parents. Infant souvenirs, however, need not be very lavish, rather you can distribute classy items that fits your budget.

Choosing the best party favors can be difficult sometimes. In fact, many people have a hard time finding the ones that makes a special memorabilia of their baby shower. Occasions as special as baby showers often give out something sweet and flavorful, such as chocolates, candies, cookies and jams. Edible favors are becoming very popular today, be it a newborn party or a wedding event. Edible treats and the likes are the sweetest gifts you can give to your guests to remember that once in their lives, they have joined you in your memorable in welcoming your little bundle of joy. Today, you can add your own personal touch on your edible favors. You may wish to personalized wrappers, ribbons and favor boxes for your edible treats.

There are also practical ideas you may consider, these are perfect for those who have tight budget. Practical infant shower favors such candles, soap, booties, pacifiers and the likes are few choices of affordable ideas to give on your infant party. Alternatively, you can also give out cute picture frames with the newborn’s picture on it. If the infant is not yet born by the time of the event, you may consider including the sonogram or ultrasound image of the infant. These picture frames makes wonderful souvenirs that your friends and families will remember for years. To make it more special and sentimental, you can personalized the frames with the infant’s name, initials or even your own special message. This would make a wonderful touch on those keepsakes.

If you think you have creativity and a good craftsmanship, you may consider DIY baby favors. DIY products are usually found at your local craft stores. You can purchase plain picture frames and decorate them yourself. Make sure to decorate them according to the theme of the occasion.

There are also unique favor ideas you may opt to choose from. You may consider “Baby is Brewing” Teapot Tape Measure Keychain Shower Favor, an adorable teapot shaped measuring tape that is whimsical for a tea themed shower. The personalized sticker makes this measuring tape delightful to all your guests. Alternatively, you may consider this “The Nest Egg” Scented Egg Soap in Nest Shower Favor. With this, you don’t have to break into your nest egg to have a unique and elegant souvenir. This egg shaped scened soap is an eye-catching item with a stylish presentation on your event. Stunning and adorable, this souvenir is sure to make a good accent in the homes of your guests.

A wide variety of shower favors are available online. Aside from cute souvenirs, thousands of online stores can offer you almost everything you need for your newborn party, from party souvenirs, decorations, games to gifts.

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