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10 ideas for a baby shower

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12 ideas para un Baby Shower de Unicornio | Unicorn baby shower ...

A baby shower is a celebration of life. It is a time when a mom and her baby (yet to be born) are celebrated in advance of the birth. It allows friends of the mom to celebrate her and her baby as well as getting the baby and/or the mom some nice gifts. Thus, you might have a pregnant friend or be pregnant and you want to host a baby shower. Here are 10 ideas that should make your baby shower successful.

When should the baby shower hold?
When it comes to the time that a baby shower should hold, you do not have to wait until the last trimester of the pregnancy. You could start the planning for the baby shower as soon as you are pregnant or as soon as you get to know that your friend is pregnant. The baby shower could easily be held any time during the second trimester of the pregnancy.

Planning and hosting the baby shower
You might be wondering if you should host your baby shower or allow someone else to do the planning and hosting. Anybody willing and capable can help with planning and hosting your baby shower. This could include a relative, friend, colleague, or acquaintance among others. However, if you are planning your baby shower, you can ask a friend to help you send out an invite so as not to give the impression that you are throwing a party for yourself. 

How many baby showers for a baby?
No rule says your baby can only have one baby shower. Thus, you can have as much baby shower as your relatives, friends and other acquaintances are willing to throw for your baby. In most cases, each baby shower might include a different set of people.

How many babies should you do a baby shower for?
It does not matter if a child is you first, second, third, fourth, or even your ninth. It would be nice to have at least one baby shower for each child that you conceive. You won’t want some of your kids feeling less special because no baby shower was organized for them.

Location for the baby shower
The number of people you are inviting over would determine where the baby shower should hold. The location must be able to easily contain them. Once that is sorted out, a baby shower could be held in the child’s future room, mom to be sitting room, mom to be kitchen, friend’s house, the planner’s house, community hall, in a garden or other outdoor space.

When it comes to who you should invite for the baby shower, it should mostly be the friends to the prospective mom.

You should give gifts to your guest when they are leaving. You can read opinions about children and baby stores to know how some people organized their baby showers, the gifts they gave, as well as other activities. Some of the ideas could come in handy in helping you plan a richer and more successful baby shower.

Activities during the baby shower
You can make provision for games that the guests can be engaged in during the baby shower. This would keep them busy and help them to have fun. If you want something else apart from games, you could have them design the baby’s room or design clothes for the baby.

Picking a theme
You should pick a theme that would be used to decorate the venue for the baby shower. It could be a theme for girls if you are expecting a princess or a unisex theme. You can buy decorations based on your selected theme and make the venue look beautiful. 

Cake and food
A party without a cake would like to result in the impression that something is missing. Thus, you can order a beautiful cake that would serve as a beautiful centerpiece. You should also make provision for food that the mom will be able to eat as well. You do not want the guests to leave hungry.

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