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14 Baby Essentials Under $30 That You’ll Want to Scoop Up

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When you’re preparing to welcome a little one into the world, that long list of “baby essentials” can feel a bit daunting—especially if you start adding up the dollar signs. Even when you’re adding products to your baby registry, it can be nice to keep friends and family members’ budgets in mind. 

So, let’s talk for a moment about shopping with value in mind. Some products that will last for years and can be handed down may be worth a higher ticket price. However, there are deals to find with other essential products that will be your daily go-tos even if they aren’t necessarily destined to become family heirlooms. And best of all is when you find products that perfectly blend quality with cost-effectiveness. 

Here’s the good news: buybuy BABY has a huge selection of products at every price point—including many top-rated finds under $30. Pair that with the sweet 15% discount to purchase everything remaining on your registry as the due date approaches, and you’ll really be able to save while shopping for your baby. (Not to mention other amazing buybuy BABY registry perks, including easy group-gifting for your friends and family, 365 days to make returns, free shipping on orders over $39 and more!)

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or adding to your baby registry, here are 14 baby essentials under $30 that you won’t want to miss…



The average newborn baby goes through 10 to 12 diapers a day. A day! Pampers earns the designation as the top-recommended brand by pediatricians because of the hypoallergenic, ultra-absorbent and flexible fit. Plus, more than 50,000 parents backed that up with 5-star reviews for Pampers.


These cozy towels are perfect for bundling your baby up after bathtime. Trust us, the hood is a must-have! Made with 100% organic cotton, you can also be confident the towel material will feel soothing against even the most sensitive of baby skin.


During the first months of your baby’s life, you may dress them in pants, shirts and dresses—but zip footie pajamas are the real MVPs of the wardrobe because they are super simple for quick diaper changes, comfy for your baby and great for those frequent daytime naps. Made with pre-washed organic cotton, this gender-neutral outfit is perfect for day or night.

Burts Bees Baby Booties


Keeping shoes on babies’ feet is an age-old challenge—and these booties are the solution we’ve needed! The elasticized top band and strap will keep them in place even with the squirmiest of feet while the quilted, organic fabric will keep your baby’s toes warm, too.


Safe for baby and soothing for mama, this organic nipple butter is good to grab before your baby is born if you plan to breastfeed or pump. The natural plant butters help heal and protect your nipples—and can even pull double-duty as a great balm for cracked lips, elbows or other dry patches.


This classic book makes a great first addition to your baby’s library. The hardcover version is perfect for curious little hands while the story is one that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. (In the very best of ways!)


Babies can go through a lot of bottles each day—which can mean a lot of dishes for you. Minimize the space those bottle parts take up on your countertop with this compact, vertical drying rack. Honestly, it’s so helpful with pacifiers, cup lids and more, you’ll find good reason to keep using it long-term.

Graco Premium Changing Pad


Your baby’s changing pad is sure to get a lot of use during the first year or two. But you can still get a great deal on one that will hold up! The contoured walls and safety belt help keep your baby in place, so you can use your hands for swapping out diapers or getting them dressed.


This pre-washed organic muslin swaddle blanket starts off soft and cozy—and just gets softer with use! You will find endless ways to use this lightweight layer, from swaddling up your newborn to using it as a nursing cover to covering up your growing baby for walks in the stroller.

Rustic Ring Stacking Toy


This Montessori-inspired toy encourages the development of fine motor skills and cognitive reasoning all during playtime. This makes it a great toy for your baby to “graduate” to when they are able to sit up around six months—which will be here before you know it, so it’s smart to add it to your registry now.

Dog Baby Romper Outfit


This romper is ready for a photo opp. The super-soft organic cotton material is great for temperature regulation, so your baby will stay cool when it’s hot and cozy when it’s cool. And the kimono-style wrap that comes in multiple prints isn’t only stylish but is also helpful for quick diaper changes.

Philips Avent 3-Pack Glass Bottles


Made with premium-quality glass with natural-response, silicone nipples, these bottles mimic the feel and flow of breastfeeding. The advanced anti-colic venting system also makes mealtime easier for sensitive tummies.

Dr. Brown's Baby Toothbrush Pack


When your baby is first born, teething may seem far off. In reality, most babies start teething around 6 months—which means you’ll also want to stay on top of oral hygiene by brushing their teeth then. This toothbrush and natural toothpaste pack is perfect for first teeth.


With a young baby, the only thing that should be in their crib with them is a snug crib sheet—so why not make it cozy one? Made with 100% soft muslin cotton in a number of colors and pattners, you can’t go wrong with this crib sheet. (Our only advice is to get two or three!)

Now that you have the inspiration, start your buybuy BABY registry here!

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