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5 Things Your Gynecologist Wants You to Know Before Delivery

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Around 76% of the women in India visit a gynecologist, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos. The frequency of visits increases in case of pregnancy.  But in the whirlwind known as pregnancy, some things can get missed during these visits. So, here are 5 things the best gynecologists in Delhi want you to know before delivery.

  1. Taking Childbirth Classes Can be Helpful

Childbirth classes can help prepare you for the challenges of labour and delivery. Some of the things you might learn during these classes are:

  • How to identify signs of labour and how the body changes as you deliver the baby. 
  • Opportunity to talk about your pregnancy-related fears. The instructor can dispel any fears, bringing peace of mind. Research has found that people who take childbirth classes are less likely to have psychological distress. 
  • Opportunity to discuss pain handling options. You might practice methods such as visualization, relaxation and breathing techniques for dealing with contractions. Many classes also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of common medications available during delivery, such as epidural nerve blockers.
  1. Be Prepared for Discomfort

If you are expect natural childbirth you need to prepare for the pain of labour.  It’s called labor for a reason! The labor contractions and pushing can be uncomfortable. So, it is better to be prepared in advance Try to stay relaxed during the entire process and focus on your breathing to cope with the pain.  Massages and moving around can help in certain cases.

  1. The Process of Giving Birth Can be Embarrassing

Some people do not even like the idea of being in a swimsuit. So, the idea of exposing their genitals to strangers during delivery can be embarrassing. Remember that doctors have been in this situation countless times, and it is a job for them. Similarly, it is normal to have a bowel movement while pushing during delivery.  If this thought frightens you, remember that most women experience this during natural delivery.

  1. Select a Pediatrician Early

It is better to select a pediatrician early into the pregnancy.   After the delivery, you might not have the time to research the best pediatrician. When choosing a pediatrician, look for the following:

  • Go through their educational qualifications, the medical schools they have been to and the training. Also, look for their experience. If a doctor moves around frequently, it can be a bad sign.
  • Since a pediatrician takes care of young children, they need to be empathetic and supportive. These qualities make a child comfortable during a doctor’s visit. 
  • Try to pick a pediatrician who has a flexible schedule. Always being punctual can be difficult with a young child.


  1. Consider Wearing a Pregnancy Support Belt

These belts offer support by taking some of the weight off the belly. Some of the ways they can help you are:

  • By taking weight off the belly, your centre of gravity is adjusted to a better position. This helps stabilize the lower back and abdomen, helping achieve a better posture. In fact, 90% of the women find that a support belt can improve their posture through all trimesters, according to a study published in the Journal of Biomechanics. 
  • The belt also reduces chances of falls by stabilizing the pelvis and improving balance. This also makes it safer to exercise or walk during pregnancy. 
  • Some belts can even reduce pain caused by the weight of the belly.

You should also know that during labour, doctors may not be present through the entire period. The best gynecologists, such as those in Delhi, have a team of experienced nurses and assistants to take care of everything. The doctors generally come in closer to the actual delivery time. So, do not be worried if you do not see the doctor in the room.

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