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Deciding On A Pediatric Formula For Your Child

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When deciding on a Pediatric Formula for your child you should consult a physician on the use of any formula. In general, all pediatric formula is designed for children ages 1-10. These formula were made for those children that are unable to eat solid foods or when growth is a concern.

If your child does not have an impaired digestion or absorption of nutrients, consider Resource Just for Kids or Resource Just for Kids with Fiber for oral or tube feedings. Resource Just For Kids is a delicious, complete nutritional formula. For additional calories consider Resource Just for Kids 1.5 cal. Resource Just For Kids 1.5 Cal is also a tasty, complete nutritional formula that provides 1.5 calories/mL and is rich in calcium to help grow strong bones. Resource Just for Kids come in a kid friendly “juice type” box to increase compliance with children. Great for lunch boxes.

If your child uses tube feeding, has an impaired digestion and does not require 100% free amino acids, consider Pediatric Peptinex DT. Pediatric Peptinex DT is a nutritionally complete, semi-elemental tube feeding formula. It is available with and without fiber. Pediatric Peptinex DT contains over 70% di- and tri-peptides and free amino acids which optimize the dual transport system in the gut and promote rapid absorption of nutrients

If your tube fed child does not have an impaired absorption , but is intolerant to semi-synthetic formula such as Pediasure or Nutren Jr, then consider Compleat Pediatric. Compleat Pediatric is a ready-to-use, blenderized tube feeding formulated from traditional foods including meat, fruit and vegetables.

If you do not require 100% free amino acids oral feeding for your impaired digestion, then consider Peptinex Creamy Drink. Peptinex Creamy vanilla peptide drink is a delicious tasting, high nitrogen, low fat, 100% peptide and free amino acid formula. Peptinex drink is a designed for patients with gastrointestinal impairment. Also comes in a brik pak box

If your child and needs 100% free amino acids, then review with your doctor, Vivonex Pediatric. Vivonex Pediatric formula is a nutritionally complete elemental (100% free amino acids) diet designed specifically for children ages 1-10. Can be used as a tube feeding or consumed orally. Intended Use: TPN transitional feeding, short bowel syndrome, malabsorption syndrome, select trauma/surgery, Crohn’s disease, GI enterocutaneous fistula, intractable diarrhea, GI disorder related to AIDS.

These nutritional products incorporate the lastest technology to product these high quality items. For more information, please visit CWI Medical at

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