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Delightful parenting: Parental Burnout – Causes, Effects, and Effective Solutions

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Parenting is a full-time job that involves unending stressful days and
several sleepless nights. Managing everything from late-night feedings and
toddler tantrums to eventual meltdowns and regular homework often becomes too
exhausting. No matter, how much effort and time parents put into raising their
little bundles of joy, the kids always need a little more attention and
supervision, eventually leading to a threshold of parental burnout.

parental burnout
Parental burnout is real!


What Causes Parental

Parental burnout is a state where parents feel too exhausted and
drained physically, mentally, and emotionally. It leads to chronic parenting
stress, and parents always feel on the edge. People undergoing parental burnout
often experience forgetfulness, anxiety, and depression. Not only this, but parents
also start questioning their parenting ability and feel confused or isolated.

However, it is imperative to understand that parental burnout is often
caused by prolonged stress. Primarily, when the demands outweigh the ability of
a person to meet expectations. 

Overworked parent

But it can also happen for a variety of other
reasons. For example, excess work can be overwhelming and trigger parental
burnout. As a result, the person feels fatigued, lacks motivation, and feels
detached from people and pleasurable activities.

That said, parents must understand that the feeling is temporary, and
they can easily combat parental burnout by managing the situation correctly.

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Telltale Signs and
Effects of Parental Burnout

Different people may experience disparate effects of parental burnout. 

Some display physical symptoms such as exhaustion, headache, neck pain, muscle
ache, loss of appetite, and disturbed sleep patterns. 

Others experience
emotional disturbances such as self-doubt, helplessness, loss of motivation,
loneliness, irritability, the feeling of detachment, and isolating behavior.

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Some parents switch to alcohol or drug abuse to calm their senses and
combat parental burnout. 

Although people have been experiencing parental
burnout for ages, the prevalent women’s work culture and ongoing pandemics have
added fuel to the fire leading to higher levels of stress and anxiety among

According to psychologists, people with poor coping skills, faulty
resilience, and low frustration tolerance are more susceptible to parental

However, the condition can be cured with supportive coping mechanisms.
Here are some effective solutions to try to cope with parental burnout.

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Effective Solutions to
Cope with Parental Burnout


Whether you are experiencing the early signs of parental burnout or
have already crossed past your breaking point, it does not make you a bad
person or the worst parent. Identifying the problem and finding solutions is
the right way to approach your condition as a parent.


Talk With Someone Reliable

It can be your spouse, a friend, a co-parent, or even your therapist.
Speaking it out helps you and your partner better understand the situation you
are going through. Besides, it will help you identify the problem clearly and seek workable

Therapy and parental burnout
Therapy helps people dealing with parental burnout

Understand Your Situation

Again, talking about what you are dealing with is the first step to
acknowledging your condition and seeking available help. Be honest while
explaining your situation. Also, admit your struggles and accept that you are
overworked and feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, tell people how you want them
to help you with what you need.


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Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep is essential for your mental health and overall wellbeing.
Although getting enough sleep becomes challenging with a newborn or a young
child. Try to prioritize sleep over other stuff whenever you can catch a nap.

You can manage things better when you are well-rested. Even a
twenty-minute power nap can be restorative. Surprisingly, a nap can help reduce
stress manifold, improve your focus, and help regulate your emotions.

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Never Skip Exercise

You may find it challenging to take out spare time for regular
exercise, but it can help you restore lost energy. Regular exercise sessions
can reduce stress, improve your mindset, and help you carry on your daily
chores more enthusiastically rather than feeling drained and exhausted.


Rest Whenever Possible

Parents and self care time
Self-care is important!

It is easier to feel overwhelmed or overworked when you are managing
too many responsibilities at the same time. Therefore, it is even more
essential to take some time off now and then and rest for a few minutes.

So, next time you feel overstressed, grab a warm cup of tea or a
refreshing mug of coffee, sit on the couch, and do something creative and
rejuvenating that calms your mind. It can be reading a book, watching a cartoon
with your kids, or listening to soulful music.

Practice Self-Care

Although it may seem impossible to focus on yourself when you are
caught in the middle of a lot of things, it is, however, essential to practice
self-care every day. 

meditation for parents
Meditation helps to destress parents!

Just 2-minutes of self-care in the morning or at night
before you go to bed can reenergize you and help you get ready for the day

You can do simple breathing exercises, practice meditation, or write a
journal. Follow any routine that de-stresses your mind. For example, taking a
bath before going to bed at night can be calming and relaxing, physically and

Alternatively, you can follow a quick yoga routine with some simple
asanas or take a walk in the morning.

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 Develop A Support System

We often rely on a supportive partner for help; however, it does no
harm to have a support system beyond them. Moreover, many people lack a
home-support system or do not have access to the right resources. In that case,
consulting therapists or joining parenting groups to associate with like-minded
individuals and people who can steer you in the right direction is the best

Deal with burnout with group support
Group support helps to deal with burnout

When you talk about your problems with like-minded people, you gain a
better perspective and learn new insights about your issues. No matter what the
problems are, understand that parenting can be challenging as well as

It is all right to feel frustrated or exhausted at times. However,
you need to stay patient and treat yourself well.

Many individuals do not understand that experiencing parental burnout
is a common human reaction to external stress. Consider stress, exhaustion, and
fatigue as a part and parcel of your routine and approach the condition with a
positive outlook.

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