May 28, 2024


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Guide to look stylish in winter

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You don’t have to give up on style because it’s cold. All you have to do is rethink what to wear and how to accessorise it. Remember, layers are a must during winter, so you shouldn’t throw away your trendy jackets for coats. Keep buying more jackets and coats to wear a sweater and vest underneath. Great style is possible even during winter, as long as you collectively think about your clothes and how to wear them stylishly. Here are a few tricks on how to dress when it’s cold is pendle crypto a good investment.

1. Get a Statement Coat

If you’re thinking of wearing the same winter coat for a while, it should be a piece that speaks about you. You should also feel good about it. Therefore, instead of getting the old neutrals, go for a classy wool coat or puffy down jacket. Remember to look for bright colours. 

2. Make your Hat, Gloves and Scarf Accessories

During winter, people tend to wear the same winter coat daily. You can level up things by wearing your coat with a hat, a scarf and gloves. Imagine wearing a colourful cashmere beanie! Such simple additions could add a bit of colour to your winter look, and at the same time, you’ll remain warm. 

3. Always Work With Black, White and Camel

Black, white and camel always work out perfectly regardless of the weather or season. Getting an outfit made of any of these colours will always look stylish. For the whites, ensure they’re true whites and not yellowy-off whites, and so should your blacks be black. 

4. Buy Woollen Clothes

Everyone should invest in clothes made out of wool. Wool keeps you warm and dry all day long. However, if wool makes your skin itchy, you can buy merino or Cashmere. You could consider buying a merino turtleneck and leggings to keep your body warm. On the other hand, Cashmere makes you cosy, and it’s a great option for girls cardigans and beanies. 

5. Layer Up

Layering up has always been the go-to solution during cold weather. Wear a silky piece such as a vest, a merino turtleneck, and leggings for the base layer. The base layer should be thin and moisture absorbing clothes that will warm you up without making you sweat. For the middle layer, pick a top made of thick fleece. As for the outer layer, winter coats, girls cardigans, and jackets are perfect for protecting you from wind and rain. 

6. Don’t Forget Your Skirts and Dresses.

Even though the weather during winter doesn’t permit it, you can still wear a skirt or dress without feeling cold. To keep your legs warm, you can get high tights that are opaque and heavy. Alternatively, consider getting a cashmere sweater dress that’s warm and cosy. 

7. Invest In Elongated Boots

Wearing heels during winter isn’t a great idea. Instead of pointed-toe heels, you could get boots that will make you look stylish while keeping your legs warm. You can also get pointed toe flats since they’re a great alternative to heels. A black pair of boots or flats will be versatile and ideal for everything ranging from trousers to skirts, to dresses and skinny jeans. | Newsphere by AF themes.