July 21, 2024


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Mom criticised for piercing her baby girl’s ears on the day she was born

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TikTok trends are definitely changing daily and during that time, many people find themselves dabbling into these trends in one way or another. 

This mother decided to pay heed to the trend that asks parents to show their babies from day one versus three months. 

And what was meant to be something cute and adorable, turned into a parenting slam session. 

The mom posted a cute video of her baby girl the day she was born and that served as day one. 

Due to her small face and body, it is difficult not to notice that the newborn has her ears pierced. 

This became the topic of discussion for TikTokers who felt no shame to share their opinion on the post. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

Check out some of the very judgmental comments. 

Lyndabobs: “Omg still in hospital with pierced ears 😱” 

Mati Isabela: “Nurses do this in some countries yes. Like for example in Romania they do this. Which is great ! 🥰” 

Kimberley Waymont: “How is that great? Should be up to the child as they get older.” 

K-Amber: “It’s not great at all!!! it’s cruel. Would you want part of your body piercing without your consent? because that’s what it is.” 

It seems that many people found her actions as a mother to be invasive. 

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