May 28, 2024


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Processing Remorse, Rupture and Repair – Responsive Parenting

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This morning my boys (4&8) were sitting on the sofa, watching Tv but also selecting at every other. The minimal one kept indicating “come at me bro!” To which Mr.8 would jab him with the wooden vacuum. Mr.4 reported “no, when I say come at me bro, I want you to tickle me.” I explained “D, come at me bro implies ‘fight me.”

You can see this escalating as I did. Because Mr.8 was brandishing a toy that could be utilised as a weapon, I say “C, put down the vacuum, anyone is heading to get hurt.”

He seemingly ignores me. I say once more “C, put down the vacuum, that’s not a toy for wrestling.”

Evidently I acquired distracted and the following detail we know, Mr.4 is crying. His fingers bought caught in the wooden vacuum. My husband scoops up Mr.4 and goes to are inclined to his personal injury.

I get started berating Mr.8 “I advised you to place it down! I knew another person was likely to get hurt!”

Mr.8: “I’m sorry! I didn’t suggest to hurt him. If I let go it would have strike him.”

Me: It’s a vacuum. Had been you vacuuming with it? Then you weren’t employing it the right way.

(Who am I kidding? That is under no circumstances employed as a vacuum lol So not my normal imagined system, 🤦‍♀️)

Then I see it, I knew it was coming, the discomfort he was about to sense. See every single-time I do this…. He crumbles into a ball of self-loathing. It’s excruciating to see and I’ve worked tough not to lead to that but it is tricky mainly because any uncomplicated correction can spark this response.

So I go above and sit with him and say

“Oh, I can see these thoughts of regret are starting to fill you. I know, all those feelings are so unpleasant aren’t they? But you know what those awful dreadful inner thoughts convey to us? They inform us that you have a variety and loving coronary heart and soul. People who have a loving coronary heart feel poor when they damage many others by incident. And I am sorry if they way I spoke to you produced these emotions even worse.”

He softened. He began to participate in with the bouquets on my observe. He co-controlled and self-regulated. He did not drop into a shame spiral. He processed it.

Rupture and mend. Co-regulation and self-regulation is even now probable following we make a blunder also. Test telling yourself the similar detail. “You feel regret mainly because you are a “good” and loving dad or mum, not due to the fact you are a “bad” parent.”

Also, if my spouse was not there, I possible would have tended to Mr.4 to start with or tended to both in the exact area.

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