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What You Need for Your Child to Succeed at An Online Virtual Preschool

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<strong>What You Need for Your Child to Succeed at An Online Virtual Preschool</strong>

If you’re considering an online virtual preschool for your child, it can be a great choice. Virtual preschools offer most of the same benefits as in-person schools while offering numerous unique benefits. You get more control and oversight in your child’s education, and they also fit in perfectly with a homeschooling plan.

However, virtual preschools also ask more from you as a parent. You’ll need to provide more supplies and be able to create an environment conducive to your child’s learning. Is this right for you? These are some of the most important things you’ll need.

Must-Haves When Your Child Is Taking Online Preschool Classes

1. Technology

Since virtual preschool is conducted over the Internet, using videoconferencing, you’ll need enough technology in your home to enable this. In particular, you’ll need:

  • A computer, laptop, or large tablet capable of full-screen video and loud audible sound. A smartphone won’t be big enough for your child to comfortably interact with the teacher and their classmates.
  • A strong and reliable Internet connection. You’ll need broadband to get the most from online preschool. 
  • Enough bandwidth and data. If you’re on a data-restricted plan, you may have issues getting enough bandwidth to do daily classes. Be aware of potential data fees!

2. A dedicated learning environment

Young children have difficulty compartmentalizing “workspace” and “play space,” so you need a dedicated workspace if they’re going to focus. If possible, dedicate a full room to serve as your child’s classroom. If not, at least clear out a corner of a room and dedicate it as the child’s learning area. Don’t let them play in this area, so they remember its purpose.

3. Basic classroom materials

Even with online preschool classes, you’ll need to provide the basic tools and materials for learning: pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, and so on. Your online school will specify what materials you’ll be expected to provide.

4. Yourself!

Virtual preschool requires more oversight and participation from parents. You’ll be expected to participate in activities with your child, as well as encourage them to do their homework. You’ll probably need around an hour a day to do your part.

If you meet these requirements, a virtual preschool might be the perfect option for your child!

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