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Why Does My Baby Call Everyone ‘Mama’? Experts Explain This Milestone

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It is so thrilling the initially time your toddler calls you “mama.” You are the centre of their globe, and the 1st word on their lips. Then they get in touch with your partner… “mama.” Your neighbor — “mama.” And the barista at Starbucks — “mama!” What is heading on? Why does your infant contact absolutely everyone mama? Though it might take the wind out of your sails, it doesn’t mean you are as unimportant to them as a neighbor. Here’s why mama is on your baby’s lips and why your child won’t do it permanently.

What does it mean developmentally when your newborn phone calls everyone mama?

According to pediatric speech language pathologist Michelle Posner, who founded Bilingual SLP, “mama” is a initial phrase that just is between the simplest for babies to pronounce. “P, B, and M are ordinarily the first 3 sounds infants make. They are referred to as bilabials because they are generated with the lips.” They are the most straightforward seems to make, when compared to sounds that use the tongue, roof of the mouth, or other sections of the mouth, like the appears of D, T, K, and G. “This also describes why a lot of languages have these seems in their words and phrases for mother and father, like ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ in Spanish, ‘mom’ in English, ‘ima’ and ‘aba’ in Hebrew.” Developmentally talking, your newborn is ideal on track when they call the mail carrier “mama” far too.

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Can you get your little one to prevent calling all people mama?

Eventually, your kid will stop on their possess. Youngsters generalize words and phrases when they are studying a language. This is known as an overextension and is the exact purpose they could possibly contact all animals “dogs” or all round fruit “apples,” for a very long time. This is normal, and a indicator of a child that is establishing as predicted, suggests Posner. “No will need for parents to worry.”

Continue on to browse to your child, interact with them, and model language. Most young children will strike their language milestones in a predictable sample. “It will take seven yrs to grasp a language. Most small children stick to some developmental milestones, like saying their initially term all-around their first birthday,” states Posner. Some children do need to have speech remedy to guidance their language growth, but calling every person mama is not indicative that there are any speech concerns.

It’s Ok to chill out and have confidence in that this phase will pass. Even if your newborn calls everybody mama, they certainly know you are the center of their universe.

If you are concerned about your child’s speech progress, cost-free developmental screenings are accessible as a result of your regional Early Intervention application. Check out out Zero To A few for more data on screenings or check with your pediatrician.


Michelle Posner, MS CCC-SLP, pediatric speech language pathologist, founder of Bilingual SLP

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