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Tips on Picking Antique and Collectible Books

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Purchasing “old things with class” is somewhat defined as antiquing, the act of shopping for antiques. When out antiquing, antique and collectible books are among the many things an antique-er is bound to find. With the various books, ranging from fiction to fantasy, antique-ers are sure to find in an antiquing excursion, building up a library made up of antique and books isn’t exactly a bad idea, as antique books stand to have more value compared to “regular” books.

Here are some tips in helping you build up your very own antique and collectible books library. A handsome book library is known to stimulate absorbing conversations between guests and host, or hosts, with antique books bearing more “conversation value”.

Focus on Your Interests

When out looking for books, focus on those which run along your particular interests. Pick the kind of books you are going to read, not just for the sake of reading them, but for the value of reading them, regardless of how outdated the books are. Size up other books with titles which don’t necessarily interest you for potential value, should you actually come across such an item.

Consider the Condition

Consider the condition of these dated books before going out of your way to actually purchasing them. Incomplete volumes, torn pages, dog eared books and marked or soiled antique books are not exactly the most sought after, unless they are truly great rarities. Ideally, if you find an old book complete with dust cover, it would be a good idea to invest on it.

First Editions

Know the difference between first editions and other editions of various books. First editions are not exactly the first published copies of a book, rather the first run of the book. Inspecting the book’s date, one would know what edition the book is. If it’s a first edition, it’d be a good deal to purchase it.

Landmark Books

Books that actually made an impact in its run are oftentimes dumped because of lack of knowledge regarding them. It would be a good idea to brush up on your book-know how-database, as you could be discarding that “The Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin, for some Condensed Reader’s Digest. A big mistake when out looking for collectible books.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.” When one is out antiquing for antique and collectible books, learn to size up titles, as well as keep yourself aware of the what is what in the world of books. Armed with this knowledge, one could easily spot that perfect book worth reading, and worth keeping.

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