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Test Tube Babies

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The ‘Test Tube Baby’ is the latest development in medical science. It has opened up possibilities of conception to a number of women who ordinarily would not have been able to achieve motherhood. The method is boon to women whose Fallopian tubes are not functioning.

If the Fallopian tubes are defective, but the uterus is normal, and the sperm count of the husband is satisfactory, this procedure is adopted.

A special device, the ‘Laparoscope’ is used to extract the ovum from the ovary of the woman. This is then placed in a test tube, and allowed to be fertilized by the husband’s sperm. The fertilized ovum is allowed to develop in the test tube up to a certain stage, and then implanted in the uterus of the woman.

In other words, the processes normally taking place in the tube. That is why the process is referred to as ‘test tube fertilization’, and the baby is called a ‘test tube’ baby, though most of its development takes place in the normal manner in the uterus. Highly satisfactory results have been obtained in a number of cases.

What Information, apart from Pregnancy, can be obtained by sonography?

The condition of the uterus, any defects it may have, its state of development (whether it is too small or under development etc) can be revealed.

A tumors in the uterus or cervix can be detected.

benign or malignant (cancer) tumors in the abdomen or in the ovaries can be detected and their exact location ascertained.

If the woman has not been able to conceive, the process of ovulation can be studied in detail, and appropriate measures taken.

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